Some suggestions for framing artwork very simply and cheaply. 

The links are UK only.

Most drawings are one of 3 sizes. Below are recommended standard frame sizes for each picture size:

21cm x 29.7cm (A4 size) - use a 21cm x 29.7cm (A4 size) frame

27cm x 35.5cm - use a 30cm x 40cm frame

34.2cm x 45cm - use a 40cm x 50cm frame


Many of the ‘People’ drawings are A4 size. These often look good without a border as they often don’t have a background, so the image doesn’t fill the page. These look great in a simple A4 frame and this requires no mounting. The picture can simply be dropped into the frame.

Larger drawings are sized to fit in standard frame sizes. They are sized smaller than the frames because they look good with a small border around them. Artwork always look great with an angled mounting card surround cut professionally, but if you want to keep things easy (and cheap) they can be very simply mounted at home with a bit of masking tape or similar on some heavy white paper cut to the size of the frame. Personally I think framing it this way suits the drawings well. If you decide to remove it later be sure to remove the tape very carefully and slowly so as not to tear the paper.

An excellent budget frame can be found at Desenio. This is a real wood frame with acrylic glass and easy swivel fixings you simply press to remove the back and insert the artwork. This is super easy to do yourself and looks great, despite being a very cheap option.


21cm x 30cm (A4 size)

30cm x 40cm

40cm x 50cm


Great frames can also be found at Habitat, and most similar homeware shops.